Do You Have A Kitchen Backsplash Project We Can Help With?

Welcome to the our tile backsplash design portfolio. Here is a showcase of Kitchen Backsplash designs as implemented by our customers.

Remember, we can also help you with your Granite Backsplash and Fireplace Backsplash for your kitchen and other surrounding exposed surfaces. Just simply give us a call and we will help you get the best out of your budget.

Kitchen backsplash is a very affordable way to remodel your kitchen. Tile selection process can be overwhelming, so our advice is to go with couple of the very first tile designs or ideas you like.(For the very same reason, we decided to not include many images in this page so you can keep it simple.) Our many years of experience in this field shows that no matter what customer choose, at the end, their selection will fall into one of the categories of the provided images.


We offer a multitude of colors for our materials, so go ahead and look for the one that speaks to you!

US Stone Classic Granite
Us Stone Exotic Granite
US Stone Marble
US stone Onyx
US Stone Engineered Stone

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