Do You Have A Bathroom Showers Project We Can Help With?

When adding or replacing a shower in an existing finished bathroom, one of the first things to consider will be the dimensions of the shower and space. Putting a shower in new construction is pretty simple, because it is usually done before all the walls are finished, and there is a lot of open space for maneuvering.

Whatever your bathroom size or situation, there is a new shower out there that will work into your specific situation and space. Walk in showers are very popular, but there are also smaller shower stalls, and corner showers. If you have space limitations you may find that a shower-tub combination works best. There are also showers that simulate the look and feel of tile in new materials.

Getting a shower into a finished bathroom area during a bathroom remodel can be much more challenging. Before you start your remodeling project do a lot of measuring and plan how you will get the shower into the house, what route it will take on it’s journey to the space allotted. Measure hallways, doorways, and any space the shower will have to be taken through to make sure it will fit. Take measurements and consider how you will get the shower into your space before you make a final selection. This could make the difference between selecting a one piece or maybe a two piece or three piece bathroom shower enclosure and saving yourself a lot of stress and inconvenience.


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